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Have you seen the books?

Not so long ago, thanks to the pandemic and the lock downs, I finally finished the story book version of the latest ‘Tales From The Portly Pixie – Monopoly’. This one is available as a print-to-order paperback through the various Amazon outlets. I promised it to some of those who still frequent the inn – if only around a gaming table – in time for Christmas. As this was several years ago it’s a good job I didn’t specify which Christmas!

I know that by the time you read this it will probably be too late for you to get your hands on a copy for Christmas 2021 – although things on the web seem to have a long life span so perhaps there is time before your next Christmas. The first book in the series ‘Tales From The Portly Pixie – Of Cabbages and Kings’ is also available as a Kindle download, as well as another print-to-order paperback, so you could start your journey into the Dukedom of Chouse with that this festive season.

For the determined explorer I’d like to mention that the ‘Complete Adventure Files’, ‘Kingship plots’ and several other archives of the things we used to do – often in the shadows – can also be downloaded from Amazon.

I have been advised the next story people would like to read is ‘Secure Homes’. You will see in ‘Monopoly’ that the first chapter is written and again I promise to have it finished by Christmas. I’m still not saying which Christmas!

Watch this space!