Pixie System

The Portly Pixie Live Role Playing System is a role playing system. It enables any character to learn almost any skill or magical ability. It is the cost of each that is different for each character.

There are 5 categories of skills and 3 different types of magical abilities. A player creates a character and then ranks the skills from 1 to 5 in the order that the character would be interested in. This order then determines the ranking of the magical abilities for the character. Skills and magical abilities are acquired by spending Experience Points. A level 3 skill in your character’s interest group ranked 1st. costs 3 x 1 = 3 E.P.’s. A level 3 skill in your charcter’s interest group ranked 3rd. costs 3 x 3 = 9 Experience Points. And so on.

The majority of skills and magical abilities have levels 1 to 5. Mulitple use of similar skills, greater than normal strength and the higher level of magical abilities often have a higher ranking than 5.

Every character starts with some experience – 12 Experience Points – and is able to use a dagger in their favoured hand. After an adventure surviving characters can be awarded between 0 and 20 Experience Points. For the role playing of the character you can be awarded between 0 and 10 Experience Points. A maximum of a further 10 Experience Points are awarded for the part your character plays in solving the adventure – do the fighters, fight; the thinkers, think; the sneakers, sneak, etc.?

This is truly the system for adventures where it is the taking part that counts!

The system is now available as a ‘Kindle’ download: Click Here


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