The Kingship Campaign


For 13 years we ran an interactive role playing campaign set in a Kingdom. The action was continuious from event to event – except for a 100 game year gap necessitated by a rule change – and the ongoing plot was driven by the actions of the characters before, during and between events. At its peak events were happening 4 times a year with over 100 players attending the major summer event. Imagine the headache the Plot Design Team had making sure that every character has their own personal sub-plot out there!

The format of the weekends was broadly the same. Event time started as soon after 8 p.m. on Friday as it could be arranged and then it was live until about noon on the Sunday. Between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. the Plot Design Team and the monster crew planned for nothing to happen and players were safe to sleep in their tents between these hours.

The Kingship players, design team and monsters all have their favourite memories of these events. The published volume collects together all the plot documents for almost all the events. In the early days we were working from a rough outline of what we thought would happen – often leading to a major re-write on the Saturday afternoon. Later events were tightly timetabled – but we were still having to re-write on Saturday afternoons! For most events there is a retrospective describing what actually happened.

As well as being a record of a unique role playing experience, this could also prove as useful source material for anyone considering similar interactive events.

It can be obtained through Amazon as a ‘Kindle’ download by clicking here.

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